otaznik Can LED green be used even during bad weather? (rain, snow, etc.)

odpoved Yes, it can. Our LED green is fully water-resistant. It doesn’t matter if it is snowing, raining, etc.


otaznikIs the image visible even during direct sunlight?

odpoved Yes, our mobile LED screen is provided with the latest technology SMD which excels in high intensity of light and clear image even during direct sunlight. For what is more we are able to regulate the intensity and contrast depending on lightning conditions.


otaznikDoes a klient have to provide electricity for the functioning of the screen?

odpoved No, he doesn’t. Our mobile LED screen has its own independent integrated generator of and electricity. Therefore it is able to produce the whole amount of electricity as it need for proper functioning.


otaznikHow much space do we need for installation of a mobile LED screen?

odpoved The truck where is the LED screen installed on is 6,5 m long and 2,5 m wide. It is only needed that much space so we can park our truck without any difficulties. Due to spinning system we are able to spin the large-scale screen to a direction you need to for perfect visibility. The truck can be parked whichever way. It does not depend on the direction you want the screen to face.


otaznikCan the mobile screen be placed indoors?

odpoved Yes, It can. Due to its dimensions and weight it can function even indoors for example in sports halls, pavilions, exhibitions centres, production halls, etc.


otaznikFrom which image source and which format can mobile LED screen project its content?

odpoved We can connect whichever source of image (computer, laptop, transmission vehicle, cameras, output picture mode, etc.). The mobile screen processes almost whichever format of video, image or presentation. If it is needed we can adjust given material into particular formats and sizes.


otaznikDoes a client have to hand final materials for projection?

odpoved No, he doesn’t. It is enough to hand only basic materials and we can prepare it for pro projection ourselves.


otaznikDoes a mobile screen dispose of audible system?

odpoved Yes, the mobile screen can project an image and what is more it provides also a sound. Therefore we are able to broadcast clips with audible track for example advertisements, commercials, summer cinema, etc.od.

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