Mobile LED screen – Mobile LED advertising

LED screen truck – mobile LED screen Mobile LED screen is a unique large-scale screen, which is disposed on a FORD TRANSIT chassis. This incomparable and unique solution allows realization of a large-screen projection anywhere and anytime. This high resolution LED screen is placed on a hydraulic telescopic arm which can spin around. Our mobile screen can be used even as a mobile LED advertisement. Because of the integrated electrical aggregate we are not reliant on electric source. Therefore our mobile LED screen is self-reliant unit. For what is more we are able to realize LED advertising while driving as a mobile LED billboard.

This unique mechanism attracts an attention everywhere it appears. This rises effection of LED advertising and footage. Quick installation and reinstallation in terms of mobility anables realization of large-scale LED projection within several places in short intervals.

Due to minimal cost of functioning and servises we are able to realize large-scale LED projection even on events with lower budget. This is convenient for non-profit organizations, school department or local government.

We provide full preparation of live broadcast in terms of other services connected with mobile LED advertising or functioning of mobile screen.

  • Sales promotion
  • Advertising campaign
  • Sport and social events
  • Live broadcasts
  • Cultural events, concerts, festivals
  • Politic campaigns, election meetings
  • Celebrations, happenings
  • Corporate workshops
  • Private celebrations and parties etc.

Advantages of a mobile LED screen:

  • low functioning and operating costs
  • mobility, throughput, flexibility, speed, installation, easy realizations
  • height variability, spin of the screen
  • space unpretentiousness
  • elegance, design, attractiveness
  • possibility of realization LED projection on several places within one event therefore one investment
  • possibility of production of its own electricity due to diesel generator
  • other services - cameras, recording, transmission, production of documents, etc.